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Why an acting reel matters?

People in charge of creating a movie, a scene, or some particular image look for specific emotions that pop up inside of them. You know, the "it feels RIGHT" feeling. With a professional acting reel, you're able to maximize the chances of creating that exact thought inside their mind! It directly will impact how Agents, Managers, Directors, Investors & Casting Directors view you and what you offer. When was the last time your first choice was something that didn't look appealing? When was the last time you turned on a YouTube video, the first seconds were very unsatisfactory, so you clicked off? Exactly. Make sure that people who might help you achieve your dreams have the best first impression.

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How to build an acting reel 4real?

Lets skip the small talk and get to it keep it short first 15 seconds matter most put best footage first no montages

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